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GLOBAL HEARTBEAT: Vinyl + Download package with free shipping *LIMITED*

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Special Vinyl package of 2017 album ‘Global Heartbeat’.

A very special limited edition collector's vinyl including:

  • a 12" vinyl copy of the new Global Heartbeat with expanded artwork
  • a digital download of the album
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Am I a Proud Portraits Pal (PPP)?

We’ve created a new fanclub for those people that actively go out and tell their friends about us, share info about us on social media and keep in touch with us with words of support: the Proud Portraits Pals. It is free to sign up, and it is the only way to get a copy of our 2017 album on CD. And as a PPP member the album will cost you nothing. Yes, you heard sign up to our free fanclub today and get our 2017 album 100% free.

The Pride works both ways - we are so proud to have people like you backing us, and our 100% free PPP fan club is a way of rewarding you, our special supporters, while also encouraging you to keep doing what you do best: promoting us!

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Can’t I just buy the album?

All of our other albums can still be bought, and the 2017 one, 'Global Heartbeat', might eventually be available in the old-fashioned way too. But for now, only by being a PPPer can you get your hands on the new album. By signing up on the left, you will receive the CD + download for free. As soon as you sign up after that, the CD will be winging its way to you along with a digital download of the album. However, if you're a bit of a collector, do check out our very special VINYL PACKAGE...bottom left, open just to PPPer's.

Here’s the clever part: when you get the CD, with it will come five gorgeous and very giftable sampler CDs with three songs on them from the album which we ask you to pass onto five other people you think might like the music.

The five recipients can in turn then sign up via our website to be a PPPer themselves, and they will then also receive the full album and a further five samplers to pass on to five more people. And so it goes on. And so will come into being a beautiful, powerful, impenetrable Portraits chain of music and positivity about the world far more impressive than any 2,000-mile-long wall could ever be. It's gonna be so good, so good.

Oh, and in exchange for your PPPer’s commitment to share our music and news when we request this of you, you get much more than just our new album for free.

Proud Portraits Pals will be invited right into the Portraits’ inner circle:

  • You will receive a regular series of original and cover songs delivered digitally as they are released and collected up and sent out periodically in signed physical CD packages...exclusively to PPPer's and not available elsewhere.

  • You will be consulted over which songs to include on future releases, which songs to release as singles and places the band should play live (in fact, if you secure us a paid concert somewhere, you will automatically receive 20% of our profits for that concert)…and all PPP members will be listed by name in future albums and releases as part of our promo team.

  • You’ll automatically be entered into our Monthly Draw...once a month we will draw a PPP name at random and send them a special gift; sometimes a piece of original artwork or a memento from our lives in the Portraits, other times a song: we will ask our winner either to name a song they'd love us to record or to give us a story from their own life or experience for us to turn into a brand new song, with the finished mastered studio recording delivered digitally or physically to the winner before anyone else anywhere gets to hear it.

  • You will receive free entry and VIP status at select Portraits events.

  • Many more benefits to be revealed in the coming months.

Yet more bothersome emails?

Will joining the PPP fanclub be yet another thing that fills your email inbox with rubbish? No! We will only be in touch with you as much as we are with our regular mailing list subscribers. But as a PPPer, you will receive the exclusives listed above, alongside the information that regular mailing list members get, along with any news or new music we’d like you to share for us.


Won’t it be a huge commitment? I’m busy!

Sharing will never be a long task: basically, we’ll ask you to please Like or Share a Facebook post, Retweet a Tweet, print 5 copies of a poster and put them up for us, text your friends about our upcoming concert or email someone you know who works in Media to tell them about our new song. Not on a daily or weekly basis. Only when we've something going on. Most of our Superfans do these wonderful things already, over and over again. And you aren’t committed to remain a PPPer any longer than you want to be: if it’s too much, you can unsubscribe or return to receiving just our regular mailing list mail-outs...without the fabulous PPP extras, of course!


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Option: Special Vinyl package of new album ‘Global Heartbeat’

We are offering a very special limited edition collector's package available exclusively to PPP members, including ALL of the following:

  • a signed 12" vinyl copy of the new album Global Heartbeat with expanded artwork

  • the album on CD

  • 5 sampler CD promos to pass on

  • a digital download of the album

ALL of the above for the incredible price of £29.99 (AT TIME OF WRITING AROUND US$38.00 / € 35.00) + P&P. Order now.

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