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LIFE IN SEPIA, 10-track CD album (2013) £10 incl international shipping
  • LIFE IN SEPIA, 10-track CD album (2013) £10 incl international shipping
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THE PORTRAITS: LIFE IN SEPIA Release date: Monday 2nd December 2013 10 songs, CD and download versions

The ideal Xmas present: Limited edition hand-made CD package with vinyl effect disk, brown paper cover hand-tied with cotton twine.

Each purchase with cover autographed, and at no extra cost, personally dedicated by hand to the addressee, with a message of your choice, and signed by the Portraits (details of the dedication must be sent with your name and details of your order to sensorypulse@gmail.com at the time of purchase). If you buy the CD, you will also have access to the download at no extra cost.

If you want us to, and at no extra cost, we can gift wrap the package and deliver in time for Christmas to a person of your choice with a personal message from you to them attached (full details of your message and addressee, as well as your name and order details to be emailed to sensorypulse@gmail.com at the time of purchase).

Life In Sepia is a fantastic new collection of 10 intimate acoustic songs, some previewed over the last year on our Facebook page, but now professionally recorded, mixed and mastered and available for the very first time together on an album.

Including the Christmas single, The Portraits’ version of Greg Lake’s classic “I Believe In Father Xmas”

"A blooming gorgeous collection...moving lyrics and choiry vocals guaranteed to hurtle you into the Xmas spirit. A must for your stocking" Folksphere

Tracklisting: 01 Small World Anthem 02 India’s Daughter 03 Malala 04 Cape Blues 05 Affinity 06 Silence Is Deafening 07 Trading Miracles 08 Difference 09 Return 10 I Believe In Father Xmas

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THE BLUSHING OF A WORLD IN WHITE (2010)  *£10 including postage to anywhere in the world*
  • THE BLUSHING OF A WORLD IN WHITE (2010)  *£10 including postage to anywhere in the world*
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The Portraits' simple observations of adult life from the perspective of those that have loved, lost, travelled, had children and laughed about it all, make for a cosy brand of acoustic pop with beautiful harmonies and folk and world music tinges.

"The Blushing Of A World In White" is the album the Millingtons have been waiting years to write. An ensemble of 12 alternately heartbreaking and witty songs about real lives built around haunting piano lines, raw strings, orchestral instruments, ethnic voices and percussion, and most notably, the duo's trademark vocals, near choral in style, layered and pained in harmony with a distinctive nod to the 70s, Brian Wilson and Clannad. This is the culmination of a decade's songwriting partnership and a life-time of shared experiences.

Along with a larger band of string players, sax and percussionist, a remarkable Spanish vocalist, Belen Martin Miguez, joins The Portraits on certain dates during their forthcoming tour, bringing to their live set a new worldy flavour, as well as cowriting and singing on several songs on the album.

"The Portraits blend sophistication with simplicity; a classical mien with modern mores on The Blushing Of A World In White. Infused with musical and rhythmic influences drawn from at least four continents, The Portraits create thought-provoking works of art in song. The Blushing Of A World In White doesn't so much mark a change for The Portraits as it does the next step in their inevitable development. The create force majeure comprised of Lorraine Reilly and Jeremy Millington is destined to never rest in their search for new creative avenues in music. It's for that reason that The Portraits always sound fresh and inspired. This is a must-have album."


01 The Writer (4:35)
02 Strong (5:12)
03 Undo (3:24)
04 Only Our Friends We Choose (5:31)
05 Liberty (5:11)
06 Queens Of Ice (3:30)
07 Our Time (3:53)
08 I Am Made Queen (3:23)
09 Colours (4:27)
10 Click Click Click (4:13)
11 Bago Girl (3:45)
12 Old Stone Table (6:15)

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TIMESCAPE (2008) *£10 including postage to anywhere in world*
  • TIMESCAPE (2008) *£10 including postage to anywhere in world*
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'Timescape', the 2nd CD album by The Portraits, released 9th February 2009, followed a thrilling worldwind period working in Cape Town with local South African musicians, renowned studio wizard Simon 'Fuzzy' Ratcliffe, and contributions from Portishead side-kick Pete Judge on brass. The colourful follow up to the duo's critically acclaimed first album 'Kin' (2006) blends the choiry feel of the duo's trademark vocal arrangements with an electronic worldiness, and a new instrumental flavour emanating from the inclusion of cellos, giant African percussion troups, ethnic flutes...and just the odd smattering of Bristolian trumpetting. The result may hint at a Brian Wilson wall of vocals and the honest song writing style of the likes of Ben Folds or Heather Nova, but a uniquely Portraits-ish tapestry of cellos, flutes, trumpets, electronics and world instruments ensures that the new album is a curiously intoxicating and unique listen.

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KIN (2006) *£10 including postage to anywhere in world*
  • KIN (2006) *£10 including postage to anywhere in world*
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'Kin' is the debut album from the Anglo-Irish songwriting partners. Its 11 highly personal songs use colourful acoustic arrangements and choir-like vocals to present various takes on family, ambition and bereavement. With lyrics at times humerous and at others painfully reflective, this is adult pop with a distinctly theatrical edge.

“The Portraits, who are a song-writing duo from the British Isles, have a very slick and smooth sound that I’ve been finding personally very addictive.…there’s a very warm English breeze that wafts through their music…their vocals work together in such a pleasant-sounding way, that before you know it, you’ve become so completely engrossed in them.”
From http://itsnotthebandihateitstheirfans.blogspot.com

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