1. Enlightenment

From the recording GLOBAL HEARTBEAT

That moment when a people who've been held back, politically oppressed for decades, find their voice and their freedom is a remarkable one. So many times over the years we've watched the people of Burma quietly getting on with their lives, smiling in the face of adversity under the constantly poised hammer of dictatorship, wishing with all our might to scream at them: fight for change!! But they have always insisted that change will come when the time is right, and regretfully we've greeted their pacifism with scepticism. Never have we been so over the moon to have been wrong: they are a beautiful people more deserving of justice and success than any other population we've encountered, and their incredible dedication to meditating their way to freedom is the greatest inspiration: we wish for them that they will continue to approach their Enlightenment which in Buddhism is described as an end to desire and to suffering...the desire in their hearts for change will hopefully soon be redundant when they achieve the country they have always dreamed of.