1. The Chain

Jeremy: “We are pack animals, us humans: we flock together. I’m always inspired by today’s great online movements for change where millions, particularly the young, converge digitally behind causes that matter to them. In great numbers we can effect change more easily. But sometimes, our species has shown it is equally capable of following the herd to far more destructive places. I always wonder how Hitler persuaded so many thousands of his henchmen to carry out brutality in his name. Abject fear for many, but perhaps for a significant number of others the intoxication of being part of a crowd, even if its aims were abhorrent. A recent study found that we are drawn to a crowd who are all grouped around something in the street, but scarily, a majority of us follow the crowd where everyone else is actively avoiding responding to someone lying in the road crying out for help. If today’s generation had lived at the time of slavery would we have created a mass movement to defy it, or, because everyone else thought it was normal, would we never have questioned it? These are things I’ve spent considerable time - rarely comfortably - pondering.”


Somewhere along this uneven trail
That led humankind to where it is today
We convinced ourselves to sail
Away from harm the only way
Was to stick with the crowd, lost in the throng
Even if there’s no doubt that the crowd are all wrong

We are only links in the chain
And the chain makes us strong
Resistance is futile
To question is wrong
We are only links in the chain
Ours is not to ask why
We’re not built to stand out
Fall in line till we die

If my timeline were displaced
And I’d been born three hundred years ago
If I bore the same white face
Would I defy or join the flow
As mothers and girls hauled over the sea
Their love burning leaves
Would I have it in me to fight the tide

We don’t ask, we do not judge
We simply put into action the word from above
We were there under duress
Our power of thought suspended
Our hands possessed

Somewhere along this uneven trail
That led humankind to where it is today