1. Harmonise

Lorraine: “How will we ever find a way out of the dark, divided period we’re living through in the UK, unless we can somehow listen to those we disagree with and try to find common ground? As we become increasingly polarised, it occurred to us that music has historically always played a key role in helping us make sense of the world, and that if music is a collaborative activity at all, then a big ‘singalong’ song of unity must involve as many different voices and faces as possible. 'Harmonise' was built around video selfies contributed by people up and down the country as part of a heartfelt call for national unity. When we put out an appeal on social media for the public to contribute to the new song, we were inundated with entries. When we put all the video selfie voices together, we ourselves were bowled over at just how beautiful the resulting 'national choir' sounded. Music cannot make everything better overnight, but our song is a reminder that we all want peace and security, whatever our views or background: its message is to stop, think again and listen to others...ultimately to choose harmony over discord. That idea shouldn’t be twee - it is our only way forward.”


If only we harmonise...

We are a patchwork of minds and of hearts
Worth more than the sum of each of our parts
We are nothing alone: can’t we harmonise?
We can be for, we can be against
We can disagree without offence
We are nothing alone: can’t we harmonise?

The land divides, the kingdom cries
Will we stand by and let her?
The prouder, the stronger, the sooner, the wiser, the better
If only we harmonise, we can dry her eyes

This is the fault line between old and new
Destroy anybody who won’t share our view
We are nothing alone: can’t we harmonise?
Words fall from phrases adrift on a board
The world will learn nothing if half is ignored
We are nothing alone: can’t we harmonise?