1. For Our Times

Jeremy: “We are living through an era where governments see truth as overrated and experts as passé. Like many others around me, I have felt the pain of recent times very intensely. It has been a deeply troubling period, with disturbed sleep, frightening dreams and an enduring sense of unease about where we’re heading...the feeling of a giant hammer hanging over us waiting to strike. And yet in the UK our pain is self-inflicted. I heard it best described in a newspaper article where it was said that “this country is losing a war that it declared on itself”. To turn the TV on, and see such anger and venom from one half of the country towards the other has been undoubtedly one of the most terrifying and upsetting experiences of my adult life. And at the time of writing, there is no sign of any way out. We can only hope beyond hope that change will come soon, for we surely deserve better than the damage we are doing to ourselves.”


Passion and opinion
Making not the tiniest ounce of sense
Yet again I punch the air, my anger released
While the crowds applaud the senseless
How can we be at peace?
I hear my fellow people
My neighbours and my friends all speak in tongues
From a high horse
Sing of Empires that long since died
They fail to show their workings
For such stale and misplaced pride

If I’m red, it’s ‘cause I’m blushing
If I’m white, it’s ‘cause I’ve seen a ghost
Of all the friends we’re crushing
Tasting liberty, we overdose
If I’m blue it goes unsaid
How in heaven’s name
Did we get here? (I shed a tear...for our times)

But now who shouts the loudest
Can blast through truth and fact, all so passé
Down reason, up swashbuckling millionaires
I don’t feel at home here
But it seems no one cares

I don’t belong here anymore
Is it because I’ve had the chance to see the world?
I put to bed the thought of poor me, poor us
And shed a tear for our times

Red, white and blue: what’s it to you?
Where did our time go?