1. Wonderland

Lorraine: “It seems totally incongruous to cut funding for arts education in our schools whilst rubbing our heads in puzzlement at why children’s mental health is in such steep decline. The current movement in education in our country is to drum facts and figures into our children, pile more and more exam pressure on them then whip them until their results match those of countries like Singapore so we can compete within the highly discredited model of globalisation. You might well argue that Science, English and Maths hold more importance in the success of a nation than music, art and drama. You could certainly talk about the fact that - sadly - there is far more money to be made from the ‘core’ subjects than the creatives. But to pull the rug from under the expressive parts of the curriculum subjects is painfully shortsighted. Not only will it damage further our already struggling arts in this country: increasingly, only the wealthiest families can afford to offer their children a fully rounded creative education and the results of this are already evident in the huge numbers of today’s successful actors, musicians, writers and artists who came from private schools. But also it has been well documented that it is creativity that gives many children shelter, peace and calm and a means of expression in their young lives. It is what enables them to work in teams and to let out their anger and their sadness. To cut this whole element out of their lives is criminal. If we do nothing else in this country, we’ve always excelled at Culture. But it is about much more than selling tickets to art or music shows. It is deeply linked to our national soul. Whatever our future, the Arts should be off-limits as we push things aside in our race to be bigger, better and faster than everyone else.”


We were thought, we were humour
We were reason, and rhyme
We were words, we were passion
We were metre and time
We were tone, we were detail
We were setters of scenes
We were hearts, we were thinkers
We were ideas and dreams
Now we’re cold, now we’re numbers
Now we fight and compete
Now we’re stats, now we’re tables
Now we’re self and conceit
Now we’re hard, now we’re robots
Now we move up a gear
Now we’re drowning our children
In a future of fear

The powerful say we are falling behind
No time to play on this assembly line

Alice, won’t you wait for me?
I will jump in too, into the blue
Alice, won’t you wait for me?
I will jump in too, back to our Wonderland

Now they’re buying their talent
Now they pay and it trends
Now we churn out our children
Like factory hens
Now we’re trade, now we’re carbon
We’re competing to choke
The life from the planet
And the heart turns to smoke