Lorraine: “Thankfully our part of the world has wholeheartedly accepted the fact that there is no wrong kind of love. When we wrote this song, Ireland was one of only two nations in the world that had chosen to legalise same-sex marriage on the basis of a national referendum. How far my country has travelled in the last twenty years. Today, Southern Ireland is a far more forward looking land than its northern counterpart. In Northern Ireland, there is at the time of writing a loud call for the same rights for women and for the LGBT+ community as enjoyed today by citizens of both the Irish Republic and the rest of the United Kingdom. Now, the six counties of Ulster are the only part of the UK or Ireland where same sex marriage is still forbidden. But there are of course far worse places in this regard. On the very same day we recorded ‘Wrong Kind of Love’ the news came in that Brunei had decided to punish homosexual acts by stoning those guilty of them to death, and the tiny nation in the corner of the island of Borneo is not alone in this kind of barbarity. Rulers claim that their legalised brutality is none of our business. But when their economy depends on our western tourist dollars, it becomes our business very quickly.”


A free for all
The headlines call
For the heads of those who love a different way
Like we can choose
Another’s shoes
To meet a law they say we must obey
They’re in our beds
Invade our heads
Pile up laws of hate until our passions chime
And when we lose
Our heads can’t choose
Another form of love that’s not a crime

Somebody said
“It’s all in your head!
Yours is the wrong kind of love!
You choose to be strange
Just be silent or change!
Don’t act, never feel, don’t speak of...
Your wrong love”

The Emerald Isle
Makes way in style
To love for all but go North East
Where there’s only room
For bride and groom
No other love for the wedding feast

Do I get in your way?
Am I forcing you
To change the way you live
If I declare my love in the open air

Love is love
Who’d condemn
What’s right for you if it’s wrong for them?
All love’s right if it is true
No one knows you more than you