From the recording COUNTERBALANCE

"The saddest part about being human is not paying attention. Presence is the gift of life." Stephen Levine
In every corner of London, talented songwriters and bands are battling to get heard, hoping for that lucky break where someone with the power to deliver them to a wider audience might just be listening. So often the most deserving voices get passed over in the mêlée of popular culture, drowned in the sea of voices setting this week’s romantic break-up to music. A parallel exists in the world of news, where the pleas of a nation in turmoil, a people desperate to let us know how they are being denied their human rights, can be eclipsed by the juicy details of Beckham’s latest Achilles disaster even on the most high brow of news broadcasts. The news and art worlds have both sadly been consumed by commercialism and popular culture in the battle for an audience.



All this self-indulgent grieving
Success is everywhere except here
Another dusk, another dawn yet
This all means nothing at all
If no one’s listening
No one’s listening

In a sea of others trying
We try too hard, and burn out
And try to drown out
The hum of broken hearts today
Forgotten tomorrow

Can’t they hear we’re trying
To put the world to rights?

We await our validation
For the gods of the airwaves to grant us
A green light for the masses
OK to turn us on today
Forget tomorrow

Can’t they hear we’re trying…
Can’t they hear we’re trying…
Can’t they hear we’re trying…
Can’t they hear we’re trying…