From the recording COUNTERBALANCE

“You are discussing how Moslem women cover themselves from top-to-toe in order to become ‘sexually invisible’. In this country there’s a much easier way to do that – just turn forty-five.” Monica from Liverpool, a caller to BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, as quoted in Vine’s book It’s All News To Me
Women in all four corners of the globe are fighting for their freedom to be celebrated for the person they are rather than being judged on how they appear. While Bruce Forsythe’s longevity is widely celebrated, knowledgeable and talented female presenters thirty years Forsythe’s junior are removed from our screens for having too many wrinkles to look good in HD. Isn’t this one of the great battles for justice in this age: accepting and celebrating what we look like and having the right to be heard regardless?



Burn on!

Beauty comes, beauty goes
A flash in time, but it shows
Nothing of the life you’ve made

Like a flame painted loud
And the canvas left out
Knowing time and light will fade

Burn on little flame!

Beauty moves, beauty blinds
Flashing skin, changing minds
Knowing all you are will pale

Burn on little flame!
Burn on little flame!