From the recording COUNTERBALANCE

“It's funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.” Rick Riordan
Power, and sometimes even success, can lead to bad things because of human traits that we all share. Friendships falter when one side of the relationship becomes more interested in their own concerns than the relationship itself. In the insecure world of high-end politics, the leader who has ruled for too long may find him- or herself flying solo, adrift, losing touch with the people and things that matter, laying the blame for their own wrongdoing at any door other than their own. Being alone can harden us. We learn to care less. We convince ourselves that we are right, even untouchable. We harden. And there begins a very slippery slide from indifference to arrogance and in extreme cases onwards to tyranny. In friendship, it creates distance or separation. In politics, it destroys lives.



Welcome, welcome to the Real World
Welcome, welcome to the Real World

It could be said
That having Black Hand roots
Makes friendships hard to keep
Send round the boys, why don’t you
To learn us a lesson for failing
Your impassable friendship test

But you have progressed
Into the real world
Domain of kids and wives
How do those lesser folk
Take your crusades?
You have progressed into the real world
What meaning have those lives?
Must they simply tiptoe in your shade?

What price a friend?
Very little when you drag them down with you
But backs might turn
Just how many times can the same bruised ego be caressed?

But you have progressed…

You name it…
The planet and the weather, the culture
The government
You name it…
You blame unfaithful partners, accountants
Great Uncle Joe
You name it…
You blame rubbish in the pop charts, or Dubya
Let’s flog him now!
You name it…
You blame something in the water, the T.V.
Anything but you
You blame it
Welcome to the Real World