From the recording COUNTERBALANCE

“One of the truly bad effects of religion is that it teaches us that it is a virtue to be satisfied with not understanding.” Richard Dawkins
Organised religion has the power to offer solace to the bereft, hope to the hopeless, a family to the abandoned and a shelter for those who need it most. How contradictory that the same age-old structures have the power to engender fear, set up a tribal mentality where the non-subscribing outsider is akin to a lesser being, create overpowering feelings of guilt, segregate children from the moment they are born through educational apartheid and, not least, stand as the justification for a huge number of the most significant wars throughout history. The message is this: never be afraid to question and never take an initial answer as the absolute truth if your heart tells you otherwise.



Dive deep into the clan
Behind the ranks we glower at
All that you do
You’ll surely misunderstand
Till your terror paves
A path of suspicion to war

We’re not built to withstand
Any picking at our private voodoo
So all questions are slammed
By the censor in the sky
No one loves anymore

Shoot up dreams, inhale lies
Make it through the day
Real life screams… numb its cries
A dose of fantasy

These sparkly young eyes
Soaking up a world of information
They challenge and scorn
Until the haze of whys and why not’s starts to clear

Please Mummy why
Do you say my questions bring damnation?
If I truly was born in a place so free
Then why is this house filled with fear?

Shoot up dreams…

Today you can be seen
Clear your name
Today you can be seen
Tomorrow kill again